Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Is So Different Now, But Is It?

It was customary in the ancient times that when a women was widowed she had to fend for herself unless a distant relative took the responsibility of taking the widow as his wife. Which meant that the husband inherited the dead husbands properties. The women widowed in those days could not inherit property unless the husband went against the grain and left it to her. There are two women who show strength and endurance during this very hard time for them. Naomi wife of Elimelech and Ruth the wife of Naomi and Elimelech's son Mahlon. Both husbands die, not at the same time of course. Naomi is old and cannot really take care of herself, but she tells her daughter in laws "go leave me, go find a man that will take care of you, you are still young." The one daughter in law leaves. But Ruth does not. She loves Naomi. She believes in her God and the ways of her people. For a long while they were in poverty taking what ever handouts they could get. They moved back to Naomi's hometown and Ruth started working in a wheat field collecting left over wheat that the regular harvesters missed. The land owner took on a new respect for this women who worked her fingers to the bone. She took a liking to him too. His name was Boaz and the rest is history if you know the story. My point is, women for a long time have been the back bone of a family. But a man is the provider or should be. The two must work together for the greater good of the family. We have to get back to that. The I,  Me, I don't need anyone is fine if you want that. It does not have to be. We as women need to train our young men to be gentle and kind. But allow a positive male show him how to be a man. To be a provider for his family. If times are hard there are still ways each can contribute to life's lessons without taking away from the family structure.

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