Monday, October 15, 2012

The Connection

In our day to day struggles our minds are constantly discerning and deciphering messages, images, anything that our oracles take in. The nice thing about us is that our brains if healthy can understand the connections. Spiritually this same option is available. We don't practice it as much.Therefore  an added request like a prayer will give that boost, to make that spiritual connection.

Dear God I know that you watch over me sometimes more then I watch over myself. As a matter of fact you do watch over me more then I do myself. So if I could I would like to ask something of you. Could you please provide me with spiritual discernment so that I can tell what is truth and what isn't? Could you help me with wisdom and understanding? Because I know the value of these three things are more precious then gold and silver. And Lastly God will you forgive me of my sins? I am far from perfect as hard as I try I know I fail, so help me there as well. Thank you God. Please note that I am still praying as this writing ceases because I have a whole lot of prayer connections I must make. (smile). God you know my heart. Need I say more

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