Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Can Imagine How The Prophets Felt

What happens when you have someone telling you that they received a divine message from God himself? That the message said that they should do this in order to receive that. That in order to continue life one must listen to these words because they are going to save your life. But no one believes them. There's always infighting and bickering.These people continually question the words of God. Discouragement sets in. Disappointment sets in. You as the prophet are just doing what is asked of you. It gets really hard when you are really wanting to save these people. They are too busy criticizing the messenger, so the message is never heard, less alone understood.What the prophet has to remember is that his or her objective is solely that of God's messenger. He or she cannot change the thinking of the obstinate ones.We sometimes have to take aback the seemingly rejection of the ones receiving the message and continue our path. We cannot get discouraged because the outcome will be received by someone it may not be many but there are some who do hear.

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