Friday, January 25, 2013

He Who Has A Generous Eye Will Be Blessed

Proverbs 22: 9-12

He who is generous will be blessed,
For he gives some of his food to the poor.
Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out,
Even strife and dishonor will cease.
He who loves purity of heart
And whose speech is gracious, the king is his friend.
 The eyes of the Lord preserve knowledge
But He overthrows the words of the treacherous man.

Today's world is not much different at all from ancient times. Sure we have technology. And yes, we are able to live much more comfortably. However the treatment of man of each other is recognizably the same. As the proverb says and really really drives home, is the treatment of one's who are struggling. Solomon says: "The man or women who gives generously will be blessed. Share what ever you have." The ill mannered, selfish must be driven away. These things God sees, and he(the lord) will take care of it.

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