Monday, January 14, 2013

Silencing The Hypocrite

If you read Matthew chapter 23 you will find some of the most harsh words Jesus has said. His teaching of the Jews and Gentiles were questioned by the preachers of the day. They were always trying to pit his teachings up against their laws from God handed down through the ages. In Matthew 23 Jesus speaks of the preachers who love the church, the money, the fame. He talks about the church looking good on the outside and to the public, but is the congregation really getting fed the true meaning of Gods word? He talks of white washed tombs with dried bones inside. All of these reference "churches, preachers, teachers etc" that are all about the show. The meaning of God's expectations are thrown out to the audience but how many preachers, teachers and churches are living the life they preach upon? That is Jesus stance. By no means was he(Jesus) going against Gods written law. He just called out the hypocrites who played the role. Most of Jesus verses in this text begin with "Woe to you Scribes, Pharisees. Woe to you blind guides.  All applicable to today's environments as well.

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