Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stages Of Folly Lead To Destructive Behavior

It is something to have something inside of you that hurts so bad, that the only way to keep your sanity, or so you think is to bury (it) as far down as you possibly can. It won't hurt as much. This is so far from the truth. The person who is haunted by anything deep within has a way of showing it. God built in a sub conscience. This natural progressive mechanism designed I believe to relieve pressure. Some what like a real pressure cooker  once heated a loose fitting  knob on the top of the lid rattles and shakes. All the while letting steam out. Relieving the pressure of the pot. These pressures that are built up fighting these inter demons  may come out in destructive ways. 

The wisdom of the Bible (which includes Job, Ecclesiastes, some of the Psalms, and especially the book of Proverbs) gives us a description. The Bible calls it "folly."

Our English word "fool" translates several Hebrew words used widely in the Old Testament for individuals who are lacking in moral character. A fool is not someone who is silly or unintelligent, but one who is unwise. He has never learned that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."

There are a number of Hebrew words for fool, but they do not all mean exactly the same thing. They have very different shades of meaning. In fact, they indicate at least four degrees of descent into the moral and spiritual depravity.

The first degree is the Simple or Naive Fool, who is unthinking, gullible. He lacks the most basic understanding of moral cause and effect.

The second degree is the Self-Confident Fool. He is known by his stubbornness, and by his big mouth.

The third degree is the Committed Fool, who has decisively rejected wisdom, and instead pledged his allegiance to destructive ideas and behaviors.

The fourth degree or terminal stage is reached by the Scornful Fool, a mocker who is openly contemptuous of spiritual truth and moral righteousness.

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