Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dietary Retrictions

Our lives as on this earth include feeding the body. Feeding it properly to live a good life. Good life predicated on doing both the physical and exercising the requirements of the soul provided by our guide the Bible. Of which many a story comes to pass on the things people went through back then before and after Christ. In the book of  Maccabees you find reference to the body the soul and the mind how one feeds the other. Life is based on that. If one part of this equation is missing it throws the balance off completely.

4Maccabees 2:28 Just as pleasure and pain are two plants growing from the body and the soul, so there are many off shoots of these plants.Each of which the master cultivator, reason, weeds and prunes and ties up and waters thoroughly irrigates and so tames the jungle of habits and emotions. For reason is the guide of virtues, but over the emotions sovereign.

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