Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day Of Turmoil

There are times when you look up to God and say"Really"? Again? God he can't be serious, that cat again? You may or may not get the answer in the form in which you are accustomed, but you get it. It is sometimes very maddening, exhausting and frustrating to say the least. It seems the bigger we are the harder that cat wants to see us fall. But when you have God behind you. The wiles of the evil one fizzle and fade. You find your self waking up to a sore body, a bruised mind and a soul in need of repair. Yes, the devil comes at you hard. After all you are walking that righteous path. Did you think it would be easy? It is not. No! Do not let the slick sly tongue fool you. This faith that we have is always, I repeat always being tested. We have to learn some Matrix moves to dodge those fiery darts. We have ask God for the protection. We have to call on any and every angel there is. We may get tired and weary but we can and do have the strength by way of God to carry on. Give God the praise and the glory always.

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