Friday, December 27, 2013

A Simple Word Or Two Can Mean The World To Someone

Many have gotten away from just saying hello. They are so afraid that someone may take something from them for being friendly and cordial. When did that rule become the norm? When you greet someone with a smile and a hello, nothing in any rule book says something has to be taken from you, or that in doing so you are opening yourself up to something adverse to happen. Can you imagine if God thought this, every day? Oh my goodness would there be many a lost soul with no recourse. Come on people. It is way past time to stop the nonsense. Already society has our children with their heads down looking at an artificial devise as opposed to a human beings eyes, face, and mouth. Hearing a flat sound coming from a hand held box made of metal, glass and electronic circuits as opposed to a human voice which has over a thousand ranges, notes, octaves. Nothing can replace the heart of an human being. Nothing can replace the heart of God.

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