Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be Still And Know I Am Your God

It is very hard for many to concieve that there is a God first of all. Then they question most often, "If there is a God why is there so much strife in the world?" There has been strife since the beginning. God never said the world he created would be a haven of goodness. That went out of the door with Adam and Eve. No, the Bible says "Be still, you will know me" In other words you have to stop. Realize that this place on earth where you reside is precious. God loves you. All you have to do is give your heart and soul to him. Believe that he can do all things.Trust in The Lord with all of your might. Know that things on more then one occasion went bad for humans back in the day. That God did hurt and saw to it that people felt his rath. But like most people he had a heart. He could not stand to watch man continue to dissappoint him. Hence Jesus. The Bible, gives so many accounts of God's requirements. We just need to pay attention. And know that we are foregiven of our sins. God is a God of second chance. We need to realize and remember to have faith in him.

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