Monday, December 2, 2013

Giving Thought To God Who Takes The Blame In The Down Turns

So many of us are quick to judge. Judgement swings both ways; punitively or glorifying. Neither brings out the best in anyone. Love unconditional is loving someone in spite of.  
Chapter 5 of Job gives you the sense that if Job would just give up and pass judgement on God for his (Job's) pain and suffering all of it would go away. However the lesson learned for all to see is that Job has faith. A faith that is unwavering. He knows that his God will see him through, no matter what it looks like.

Job 5:8-9

BBBut as for me, I would seek God,
And to God I would commit my cause—
Who does great things, and unsearchable,
Marvelous things without number.

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