Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life Goes On

No matter how much destruction is in this world, life moves as the universe has it to move. God is still prevalent. There was a time that worshiping God had to come from the privileged . That myth was quickly challenged by Jesus himself. It would be a challenge today as well. Many a preacher, man or women of the cloth have vainly went off of the beaten path. Gods way is not filled with pomp and circumstance. God does not create confusion. His laws are simple. We must remember that our "works " while we are here on earth are crucial. We cannot go into a church or synagogue to pray one day out of the week. We have to stay in prayer.We cannot give one day a week. We must give unconditionally everyday of the week. Yes, life goes on. However the quality, by which we chose to live is what matters.

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