Friday, January 10, 2014

Tearing Down Those Walls

How many times have you ran into an obstacle? How many times have you avoided it(the obstacle)? Went around it? Went over it? Went under it? Think about the mighty armies back in the day that had to face the giant Philistines. An unruly bunch. Very hard to defeat. Most knew when they went into battle with them, there would definitely be casualties. Imagine fighting them at their whim. Because you did not have any advantages. It seemed a lost battle always. Until Gods chosen son came along. David had God on his side and was able to slay the bully of the bunch with a sling shot and a smooth stone. This was not avoidance. Nor was it going around or under and over. It was absolute confrontation. Without fear. David did what mighty armies could not do. The reason you ask?: He had God on his side. God can move mountains. Slay your biggest enemy. All you have to do is call on him. And remember God does not work on man's time. He works on Gods time.

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