Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Over It

We sometimes hold on to the past like it is treasure we are never to give up. Someone may have said something that may have hurt your feelings long ago, and you are still hanging on to that. Meanwhile the person who said it has moved on and most likely has forgotten all about the painful words said. You on the other hand have clung to and internalized every word. Let it go. Forgive and move on. Take for example the night Jesus and his disciples were having dinner . Jesus knowing and even saying that one amongst them were going to betray him. Jesus called the time, the things that were going to take place and what the domino effect was going to be. All of them gasped in disbelief. No way. Yes, way! It happened just as he said it would. Jesus knew who it was and he forgave him.  It just does not pay to be in turmoil and unrest. If we are following the path that God intended us to follow, we have no time for those kind of things. We have too much work to do for the LORD. 

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