Thursday, March 6, 2014

Discouragement: Do Not Fall For That Smoke Screen

It is so very easy to get in a rut. To find the world a vast unforgiving pit. Many fall off the perpetual band wagon.They give up. It no longer seems a fair game. The haves far out weigh the have nots. What cannot be taken away unless there is illness or an untimely event is life. Life is so very precious. We are by nature social animals. We know how to express love. We know how to care and do the right thing. It takes those basic fundamentals to keep each other encouraged. Yes, it is gloomy by virtue of the economy. The job forecast. The greedy corporations. But we still have family.  Man has survived some of the worst conditions on earth and still managed to survive. We may have to re-group and understand that the golden apple. The white pickett fence. The yellow brick road is no longer applicable. This time affords us to look out for each other. If your neighbor is hurting, suffering and you can do something, anything do it. Too many are going with out in this country. In this world as a matter of fact. Jesus took five loaves of bread and fed thousands. Not saying this can be done today but the invisiable walls need to come down. Isolation will not equate to survival. 

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