Friday, April 25, 2014

I Am Not Finished With You Yet

How many times have you seen on the news warnings of a storm approaching seek shelter immediately? Evacuate, it is not safe to stay. How many times have you seen news casters out there getting blown to kingdom come just to report the fierceness of the storm? Ratings. Who has the best coverage. And then there are the people who refuse to leave their belongings, their homes. Well the storm brewing from the enemy has the same dynamics. The devil is real busy. He has reporters covering it. He has people convinced that they can weather it. And some may survive this time but the next time and the next time is a huge gamble. Look how much is lost in the battle. No, God is the rock in any storm. His light shines bright. Jesus is the covering that we need. Seek shelter in this fierce storm by listening to God he will never leave nor forsake you. 

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