Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Can See Clearly Now

There are so many times in our lifetime that we just cannot sit comfortably with not knowing what lies ahead. For reasons other then we control. To some it feels detrimental if they do no have the plan laid out completely. God could have continued to do that, let us know what was in store for us. But he wanted us to rely on him and have faith in him that he knew what was best for us. The most important thing that he gave us was choice. The choice to do what we want to do. Or the choice of someone else on our behalf. It boils down to this. God knows our hearts better then we know them ourselves. He knows that if we make bad choices, they are redeemable through Jesus Christ. He knows that if circumstances are extenuating and uncomfortable, you again have a choice. Praying to God to see you through.

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