Saturday, June 21, 2014

Supply And Demand

As the world continues to follow many things. Most of which has a derivative in the form of money, greed, power, vanity, gluttony and sheer evil. It is a relief to know that there are pockets of God fearing faith based people. Who are very familiar with the wiles of the day. Who are walking amongst the unsaved with armor so thick the enemy has to constantly maneuver around over and under using loved ones to pierce that armor always. The spiritual war is as constant as the sun rising. However one who walks with God and knows Jesus Christ as his or her savior has a never ending supply which is in total demand and such a comfort, any pain thrown by the devil subsides quickly. God expects our faith to be as strong as his love for us. Yes our supply and demand for ever increasing faith is a constant. Gods love for us is and will be supplied upon demand. All we have to do is ask.

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