Friday, April 24, 2015

No One Knows What God Has In Store

This is why we have to realize who and what the enemy is. How we can easily be manipulated and drawn into guilt and shame. How delving into the past has nothing to do with God and what he has for you. Here's the key. Our guilt and shame died on the cross. Forgiving oneself and asking Gods forgiveness allows us to move past the pain and sorrow. The enemy knows how weak man is. That is why he deals strictly with the past tense. The enemy has no clue what God has in store for you. Your heart has to be in the right place. You have to give up self. You have to be willing to give of yourself. You need to know humbleness and humility. Repent of your sins on a constant basis. Have faith that God puts you first. And lastly thank him for what you have, what you've been through and where you are going to be. Easy right? No it isn't . Everyday is a challenge. 

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