Saturday, April 23, 2016


Though we ( man) has wrapped everything we do around a clock. We have to realize time in Gods eyes is infinite. No boundaries. Everything happens when it's suppose to happen in Gods time. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life's journey

As we take a step back from our daily grinds, there are some observations so worth mentioning. #1The innocence of children and their trust that they put in us to teach them life skills, falls on us. Responsibility. #2 willingness to accept fundamental flaws in self and in others. Focus on strengthening ones best skills.#3 Know when God is trying to teach. Wisdom. #4 extend genuine kindness and unconditional love, doing the right thing always. 
*positivity trumps anything else. 
Think of it this way. If you could add years onto your life by treating people kindly.  By being honest. By being considerate. You'd think that everyone would jump on the band wagon. After all life span increase is a plus if living right is the formula right? The answer is yes. Living happy, content and peaceful increases life. 🌹